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PHONE SESSIONS, ZOOM, Microsoft Meetings

Before you contact me for a session, please read my "Announcements" under the "Sessions" tab.


  • Unless you are asking about your health, I do not need or want to know your vaccination status. If you ask health-related questions, I will ask about status. 

  • I am seeing a number of vaccine-injured clients, and if your health has taken a sudden bad turn, schedule an exam with your physician. 

  • Due to vaccinations adding a significant complication to people's health, I no longer do extensive sessions centered on health. 

  • If you are feeling ill for any reason, please reschedule or do your reading by phone. 

I want to be clear: I do not talk to the dead.

I prefer in-person or phone sessions over video as it can be distracting.

I usually start at 10:30 am or 11 am and prefer the earlier in the day, the better.   


Sessions and Readings: 

$135 for 60 mins / $100 for 45 mins - SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME PRICE: $100 for 60 mins / $75 for 45 mins. 


1/2 hour phone sessions are available $68 - SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME PRICE: $55 1/2 HR

(I am also available by Phone and Zoom.)

Coming to the Colchester office with a friend? I do not have a waiting room in my home. If you don't want your friend to sit in on your session, he or she will need to wait in the car. 

Allergic to dogs? Unfortunately, I cannot meet you in person in Colchester. I have a friendly little poodle.


Only a 24-minute drive from Norwich, CT!  Directions to Colchester.


Sessions are pluralistic, interfaith, and spiritual in nature.

Bring recent photos of people involved, if you’d like. Please avoid using fragrances and turn off your cell phone unless you are recording. You may record the session or take photos of cards but not post them on the internet. I will not know how your device records, so please try to figure it out before you arrive.

*Please make sure you know how your recording device works prior to the session.


You may ask your loved ones who have crossed over to come through the veil, but it is not guaranteed that they will show up on demand. You may bring pictures of those you would like to focus on, though they are not required. I do not do Medium Sessions. Don't come to my office in Colchester to speak to the dead only, because I do not do that work. 

If you need a medium session, email me for a referral. It is not out of the question that a medium will charge $400 for 15 or 20 minutes of time. 


A notepad and pen are available in the office. You are free to record, but do not post any part of the recording on the internet. 

GENERAL INTUITIVE READINGS: I may or may not use Tarot during intuitive readings. Bring a list of questions and concerns and we will address as many of them as the time allows. Be specific in your questions, please. 


Tarot is a mystical tool designed to answer questions and address concerns, so bring at least one to your session. Readings start with a protective prayer, a spiritual invocation, and a transmission of healing and they close with a blessing of grace. First, the card spread is interpreted for general themes, overall patterns, and messages. Next, you discuss specific concerns and ask questions while Paula brings forth answers and more pertinent insight with her intuition. Paula is known for her ability to answer specific questions, so bring a list in order of priority.


Those who have no questions are welcome to see what the Tarot has to say. Paula is Clairvoyant (sees images and visions), Clairaudient (hears words, phrases, and sounds), and Empathic (perceives emotions, feelings, and sensations).


SUPER SOUL SESSION (Spiritual Counseling) ~ 60 MINUTE SESSIONS (Not designed to be an intuitive reading; however, you may mix this session with an intuitive reading to address your questions if you'd like.)

Paula applies her awareness gained from her decades-long study of the mystic’s path of enlightenment to give individualized spiritual counseling, intuitive insight, and teaching based on your desire and need. Bring any concern, question, topic, or curiosity for discussion.


Receive a transmission of spiritual light and healing, a blessing, and anointing with a sanctified essential oil blend. Every Super Soul counseling session is unique and cards and other tools may or may not be used (card usage is up to you). It’s best to come by yourself to this session rather than invite in a guest.  


You may bring pictures of those you would like to discuss, though they are not required.


Super Soul Sessions are also appropriate for the following:  Woundedness, gaining peace of mind and heart, spiritual inquiry, if you have questions about the spiritual path or your spiritual experiences, if you have had a significant dream or experience symptoms of spiritual awakening, if you want to awaken, if you need more spirituality in your life, and if you need a spiritual outlook on your life's conditions. Bring any concern, question, topic, or curiosity for discussion. Perfect to explore spiritual subjects or to understand mysterious situations. Excellent for seekers, those who wish to spiritually grow, and those who need emotional support and upliftment.

Should I choose Tarot or Spiritual Counseling?

  • If you have questions or want psychic guidance and insight about the present, the coming year and future years and want specifics to the details, choose the Tarot. Tarot cards address many areas of life and can include information about not only you but others.

  • If you would value emotional support, reassurance, and inspiration for the present time and this year, choose Spiritual Counseling or Super Soul Sessions. This session serves those who want to uplift and nourish their heart and Soul. Its purpose is to give inspiration and emotional support while providing companionship through life’s passages, especially during times of inner soul searching and a quest for meaning.  

General Info:

Please do not wear fragrances to the session.


Please remove wet, sandy, or muddy shoes at the entrance. If you are more comfortable with something on your feet, then bring slippers to change into.  

Our Mascot, Bodhi:  Bodhi is my sweet companion dog person. He is a 12-lb toy poodle whose presence spreads the qualities of hope, joy, unconditional love, and compassion. Sometimes he is is working on the day of your session. He tends to love people, FYI, so please bear with me while he gets used to different visitors. Please watch your step around Bodhi, because he is deaf and blind. 

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