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1st Edition, ISBN 978-0-9974460-3-6

© 2020  -  Paperback -  225 pages



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2nd Edition, ISBN 978-0-9974460-4-3

© 2020 -  Paperback -  234 pages



"In the darkness,

the path."

         - Sufi saying

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The Soul Keys Collection of Books

Passage To Grace, Keys to Enlighten the Soul (A book of true stories) 

Throughout history, the world’s mystics have recounted their spiritual realizations and the life-changing personal encounters with others they were destined to meet. The stories of progressed souls remind humanity that each of us is born to become self-aware and engage with The Divine Origin of all consciousness and unconditional love. By revealing their insights and revelations, mystics spark the essence of spiritual experience so that others may glean what it means to be a realized soul, which in turn lights the secret interior passageways leading to the ultimate grace of awakening and enlightenment.

Based on autobiographic events, Passage To Grace offers a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of a 20th-century mystic. In this confession of her awakening and evolution, Paula Dianne Upton reveals truths of her soul’s inner life as well as her astounding and mystifying encounters in the world at large. Extracting knowledge from the paths of Christianity, Shamanism, Buddhism, and Judaism, she sheds light on each event’s spiritual meaning, offering seekers precious keys of knowledge should they find themselves at similar doorways of the mysterious mystical realms.


A collection of true stories from Paula's life. Following each story, Paula explains its spiritual significance and meaning. The book is written much differently than Signs of Infinity. Although engaging, Passage To Grace teaches you about  many mystical subjects, and it helps you understand what it means to live like a mystic. This book is helpful for beginner seekers and those at any stage of spiritual development.

Signs of Infinity, Keys to Awaken the Soul (A book of mystical teachings) NEW - 2nd edition. 

“A brilliant, concise, and comprehensive humanual for those awakening on the spiritual path. I recommend this book wholeheartedly!”

 ~ Jeff Brown, the author of the book Soul Shaping and An Uncommon Bond


“A timeless transmission of gnosis beyond mere knowing that places nuggets of

gold in your heart.”

 ~ M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., the author of the books Living Lilith, Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith

Spiritual seekers claim secret keys of mystical knowledge as they progress along the path of awakening. This indispensable guidebook reveals hundreds of vital keys to soul growth that are hidden within the mystical traditions of religion, conveys the meaning of signs, truths, and principles, and divulges the great mission of the mystic’s heart and mind. Impassioned guidance is interwoven with practical tips and spiritual tenets. Receive the keys to the kingdom, and unlock the sacred mysteries leading to insight, revelation, and wisdom. Become initiated into the ancient order of the mystic and glimpse into the realm of The Eternal.

Signs of Infinity will help you:

∞ Acknowledge common signs of spiritual awakening

∞ Avoid perils that threaten wisdom and maturity

∞ Understand the reciprocal nature of intention, thought, and deed

∞ Comprehend the mechanisms of the veils concealing Reality

∞ Explore six forms of spiritual resistance that impede the path

∞ Safeguard the gems of spiritual growth

∞ Discern how ego, desire, and delusion hinder transformation

∞ Embrace the mission of your mystical heart


Paula Dianne Upton is an awakened contemplative mystic who walks a pluralist path. She received enlightenment of the Divine mystical heart in 1994. Since then, she has met with thousands of seekers to illuminate the principles of awakening and unconditional love. In this book, she distills over 20 years of personal exploration into Christian Gnostic, Jewish, Buddhist, Sufi, Vedic, and Hindu mysticism and includes her Gnostic understanding of universal truths.



This is not a book of new age fluff. A book of teachings, Signs Of Infinity is much deeper than Passage to Grace, and the concepts presented in the book are not easy for all seekers to understand. This is because spiritual knowledge unfolds to your mind at your level of awakening. Teachings range from basic to advanced. This book is for those who are serious about the true mystical path.

This is the 2nd ed. of the book, originally released in 2016 with many updates and a new reference section.

Suppose you were handed a powerful key, one that would open the kingdom doors leading to spiritual awakening, enlightenment and unconditional love, except you didn't know how to turn the key in its lock. What if you received spiritual signs to guide your footsteps on the path, but you failed to understand their enigmatic meaning and messages?

Spiritual seekers who ultimately awaken embody vital codes – keys of knowledge - that charge the heart to receive the current of unconditional love and bliss and enliven the mind to comprehend signs of Spirit’s dynamic activity within the soul and all of Creation.


Signs of Infinity, Keys to Awaken the Soul presents essential keys to soul growth that are universally embedded within the world's mystical traditions, conveys the meaning of mystical signs, truths, and principles, and reveals the great mission of the mystic’s heart and mind.


Ascend the mountain path with an awakened mystic who illuminates the way to the summit with spiritual messages that are meant to stir your soul from its slumber, open your heart to unconditional love, awaken you to your conscious presence, and ignite your divine essence. 

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