FEES (outside the Spa)

$135 for 1 hr
$100 for 45 mins
$65 for 30 mins (those with 1-3 questions that can be answered in 30 minutes.)
If you are a repeat client with an emergency, please state that in your message to set up the session asap.
Super Soul, Tarot, and 'Straight Intuitive' (question / answer / discussion format) sessions are available by phone. Please let me know if you would like me to read the Tarot when you schedule.
Here's how to get started with making a phone appointment:
TEXT 860-705-8108  or  EMAIL ME: Mysticalkeys@yahoo.com
*Write "Appointment Request" along with your name and the last time we talked.
*Appointments are available TUES AND WED - Tell me what DAY and TIMES work best for you.
*Tell me how much TIME you want to schedule.
After I receive ALL of the above info, I will text / call you back to arrange the session, and then you will send payment to reserve your appointment.
Please provide your phone number if it is different from your text number so that if an emergency on my part requires me to reschedule your session at the last minute, I can reach you.

Paypal:  Send your donation via www.Paypal.com by clicking the Donate button. You can also manually enter this address: MysticaLKeys@yahoo.com ( Mystical Keys at yahoo dot com ). 

  1. You need to pre-pay online for phone sessions at least a day in advance. Your payment reserves your  appointment. Sessions are not confirmed without payment being processed. 
NEW PHONE CLIENTS, please read the following before you contact me:
Sessions incorporate discussion on your part. They often mix spiritual counseling when it is called for. If you don't want to talk or be specific about issues, I am not the one for you.
Here's how intuitive sessions work: 
  1. On the day of the session, check your email or text or voicemail (whichever way you set up the appt.) to be sure there are no last-minute changes in appointment times on my part.
  2. You call me at 860-705-8108 EASTERN TIME at your appointment time. 
  3. I start with a visualization - The Holy Spirit moves within you to give you healing and balancing and then I call on the Higher Pantheons for protection. 
  4. Next, I may or may not give you some impressions based on what I may pick up on you before you call me. 
  5. Next, if you are doing a Tarot session, I read the cards.
  6. Next, I ask you to start with your first specific question or your discussion of a situation in your life. Or, many clients speak about their situation at the very beginning of the session. It's up to you.
  7. At the close of the session, a benediction is given so that The Holy  Spirit may bless you with grace in a myriad of ways.
  1. If you wish, text or send pics of those involved ahead of the reading day. You don't need pictures.
  2. So you can be organized, write a list of your questions and concerns ahead of time and be ready to ask them. Your questions should be VERY specific rather than asking something like, "What do you see about XYZ?" 
  3. Make sure your phone is charged and please be in a quiet and serene atmosphere.
  4. Before you call, center yourself and perhaps light a candle. Ask your Higher Self to communicate its record of consciousness to me.  Call in your Angel and guides and, if you are so inclined, your Master(s).
I don't do mediumistic things over the phone.
Cancellation or appointment changes: 
Please text, call or email me asap if you need to cancel or change your session.
If you prepaid online for a canceled session, the last time I checked, online systems charge you a small fee for refund transactions - which reduces your refund. If I am charged a fee to refund you, your refund will be less that amount. 
Before you schedule, please read the "Disclaimer" under the FAQ section. 
Read the Approach and Style and other sections for more info.
Blessings and Grace,