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“And it shall come to pass,

that before they call, I will answer; 

and while they are yet speaking,

I will hear."     

                                ~ Isaiah 65:24

Spiritual Direction, Counsel, Spiritual Companionship for Seekers


Please read this page if you are interested in ongoing Spiritual Companionship sessions (also called Spiritual Direction sessions). Individual sessions can be done over the phone if you live a long distance away, but most often clients see Paula in person.


Prerequisite ~ Please read my books, Passage To Grace: Keys to Enlighten the Soul and Signs of Infinity: Keys to Awaken the Soul, sign up for the newsletter, and please read any blog posts as they are released.


Fee:  $200 per hour



Typically, not more than once a month. If you feel you need intensive companionship, then more frequent sessions can be arranged.


In traditional Spiritual Direction, there may be much prayerful silence honored and less teaching done by the Director. In our sessions together, we are focused on both teaching and some prayerful silence.  


WHAT IS SPIRITUAL DIRECTION? Spiritual Directors International answers that question best: one should call Direction Spiritual Counsel or Spiritual Companionship, for I am not the director of your inner relationship with the Divine. 

Together, we approach your growth and progress from a mystical standpoint, integrating your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual concerns. Sessions are pluralistic and interfaith, as Paula can make references to the ancient mystical teachings from different religions, but we always take your faith into consideration. You will not be "converted" to another faith. Understand that at their foundations, all religions have common mystical roots that teach the divine path to God. In this regard, all forms of mysticism are similar, whereas religions differ.

Spiritual counseling focuses on developing your personal relationship to the Divine. It helps you develop awareness, self-knowledge, personal intuition, and personal discernment. Rather than need to go to another person to answer your questions, it helps you to go inward and discover that the solutions to life's trials are found within your interior consciousness. By going inward, you grow more tolerant to the unknown and you create an openness to the Mystery of The Creator. 

  • We will attempt to bring your life experience into the present moment so that you can begin to develop the capacity to answer your own questions and be able to sit with personal discomfort in "not knowing" rather than grasp at quick answers or temporary fixes. In this regard, you are encouraged to develop inner wisdom and a  deep intuitive sense about your life while seeking a connection to The Numinous.

  • Paula walks with you on your path and witnesses your unique process. As you bring your awareness to the path, your life, and work, you will begin to receive guidance from your higher self and The Creator.

  • During this work, you are encouraged to develop compassion for self and others. Because of your spiritual efforts, you may be inclined seek the path of service and keep your mind tuned to justice.


Spiritual Counseling can be quite similar to pastoral counseling, but in Spiritual Counseling, we focus on your spiritual path and your awakening process. Of course, emotional issues will come up which are discussed as needed. In both Spiritual Direction and Counseling, major themes that arise in sessions include love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, acceptance, patience, devotion, generosity, tolerance, temperance, charity and understanding. We may reference the Angelic Kingdom, the Christ Consciousness, and The Soul.

Spiritual progress is tied to emotional and mental awareness. Progress often occurs when you notice you have made beneficial changes in behaviors and reactions; you will see you have grown more and more aware of their underlying motivations and reasons. The more you become awake and aware, the more access you have to your inner wisdom and you gain spiritual growth. Therefor, with your commitment, desire, and wise use of human will, you can make progress in multiple ways.

We will couple your progress with an intense wish that Spirit and the Angelic Kingdom participate in your life and guide you on the path. 
Most helpful to your sessions is any mystical and spiritual reading that you participate in. 

How to go inward: You may contemplate, pray, enjoy prayerful silence, journal, engage the natural world, write poetry, make art, dance or do other creative projects. These activities help to integrate your awareness. We may sometimes engage in dream work. We may work with imagery, visualization, and prayer. 

You may find it helpful to make a daily commitment that includes:
1. Engaging in spiritual practices of your choice, which may include:

  • Meditation, Contemplation and Reflection, Mantra, Prayer, Study of Spiritual books and/or tapes, Lectio Divina, Communing with Nature, Voice Harmonics or Vocal Toning, Visualization, Kirtan or other Singing, Reflective Writing, Sacred Music, Ecstatic Dance, Devotional Yoga, Kundalini or other Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi, LOVING, or other spiritual practices that bring you closer to your Soul and The Divine.

2. Remaining committed to your personal growth and wanting to participate in your spiritual awakening.
3. Staying open to change so that you embrace your progress. This might mean you will be willing to shift your unhealthy or unnecessary behaviors.
4. Being courageously truthful about your circumstances.


Information Session:
Before you begin regular ongoing Spiritual Counseling, we first speak over the phone to learn more about one another and to explore if this kind of work is a fit for you. 

I look forward to meeting you!
Blessings and Grace,

Although psychological issues arise in sessions, we focus on the spiritual parameters of your life.

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