Mystical Sessions at the Spa   

Note: My Spa office in Norwich is now open


  • 8,000+ sessions completed. 

  • The perfect spiritual choice for families, chums, partners, and girlfriends' getaway readings!

Spa Mystical Services Available: Tarot Readings, Super Soul Sessions!

  • I will be wearing a mask for your reading at the spa, fyi.

  • Vaccinations: Unless you ask me to look into your or a loved one's health, I do not want to know your status.

  • If you ask about health, please state the status. I am seeing a number of vaccine-injured clients, and if your health has taken a sudden bad turn, schedule an exam with your physician. 

  • If you are recently vaccinated or Boosted, please wait 2-3 weeks before scheduling an in-person session with me.

  • I want to be clear: I do not talk to the dead.


Thurs, Friday, Saturday:  Between 10:30 am ~ 4:30 pm

Please do not ask the Spa employees to call me in for a days other than the ones listed above.

If you need an appointment in Colchester on other days, call me directly.

TO SCHEDULE at the Spa:
Please call The Spa directly to make your appointment in Norwich. 

If you have a number of questions or if you are experiencing a major life or health issue, please schedule at least 50 minutes.


SPA FEES & PRICES - Check with the Spa 

  • PRICE + GRATUITY + TAX: The Spa adds an automatic 15% gratuity + sales tax + 5% spa service charge to the cost of all sessions. 

  • Optional Spa Access Fee: There is an additional fee to enjoy the sauna, steam, whirlpool and indoor pool. If you DO NOT want to use these amenities and pay for access to them, please be sure you inform the reservationist and upon check-in, confirm that your spa itinerary does NOT include the additional fee for spa amenity use.



25 MINUTE SESSIONS •  To gain guidance and insight into one or two questions

50 MINUTE SESSIONS •  To gain guidance and insight into several questions and their underlying issues

(If you have significant health concerns, it's best to schedule 50 minutes.)


Tarot is a mystical tool designed to answer questions and address concerns, so bring at least one to your session. Tarot readings start with a protective spiritual invocation and a transmission of healing and they close with a blessing of grace. First, the card spread is interpreted for general themes, overall patterns, and messages for the coming 12 months. Next, you discuss specific concerns and ask any questions you'd like while Paula brings forth answers and more pertinent insight with her intuition. Paula is known publicly for her ability to answer specific questions, so bring a list in order of priority.


Those who have no questions are welcome to see what the Tarot has to say. Paula is Clairvoyant (sees images and visions), Clairaudient (hears words, phrases, and sounds), and Empathic (perceives emotions, feelings, and sensations). 


For those who are not interested or drawn to Tarot, but still want to participate in spirituality, check out the Super Soul Session.



Paula applies her awareness gained from her own spiritual awakening and a decade's long study of the mystic’s path of enlightenment to give individualized spiritual counseling, intuitive insight, and teaching based on your desire and need. Bring any concern, question, topic or curiosity for discussion. 


Receive a transmission of spiritual light and healing, a blessing, and anointing with a sanctified essential oil. Perfect to explore spiritual subjects, your spiritual growth, or to understand mysterious situations. Excellent for seekers, those who wish to spiritually grow, and those who need emotional support and upliftment, especially during times of loss, grief, and deep inner soul searching. Depending on your situation, it is permissible to return for additional sessions at timed intervals. 


Every Super Soul counseling session is unique. It’s best to come by yourself to this session rather than invite in a guest.  


If your concerns revolve around others, you may bring pictures of those you would like to focus on, though they are not required. You may ask to speak to a loved one who has crossed over, though it is not guaranteed that s/he will show up upon demand, so be prepared to discuss additional things. 

I do not spend the appointment talking to your crossed over loved ones. I do not do medium readings.


If you need a medium, email me for a referral. It's not unusual that a good medium will charge $400 or more for 15 or 20 minutes. 


Bring recording equipment or use your phone to record, but PLEASE know how to record well before your service. (You may not post the recording or any part of it on the internet.)  I do not record the session for you. 


Tarot cards are typically not used in this service, though if I feel it will be helpful, I will access them. 

Super Soul Sessions are also appropriate for the following conditions: Woundedness, gaining peace of mind and heart, spiritual inquiry, if you have questions about the spiritual path or your spiritual experiences, if you have had a significant dream or experience symptoms of spiritual awakening, if you want to awaken, if you need more spirituality in your life, and if you need a spiritual outlook on your life's conditions. 

Spa Cafe/Juice Bar: FYI, right past the Spa reception desk there is a cafe where you may enjoy wrap sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, tea, etc. and not get charged for Spa access. 


Mystical sessions are interfaith and spiritual in nature. Bring recent photos of people involved, if you’d like. Please avoid using fragrances and turn off your cell phone, unless you are recording. You may record the session or take photos of the cards but not post any of it on the internet. 

If your concerns revolve around others, you may bring pictures of those you would like to focus on, though they are not required.


You may ask to speak to a loved one who has crossed over, though it is not guaranteed that s/he will show up upon demand, so be prepared to discuss additional things. 

I do not spend the appointment talking to your crossed over loved ones. I do not do medium readings.


If you need a medium, email me for a referral. It's not unusual that a good medium will charge $400 or more for 15 or 20 minutes. 

You may bring pictures of people you would like to focus on, though they are not required. 


Please make sure you know how your recording device works prior to the session. A notepad and pen are available in the office.


  • Where to check-in and wait for your sessionCheck IN at the Spa Reception desk past the Spa boutique. If you are coming to the Spa as a day guest and not staying overnight, then please check OUT in the Spa Boutique.

  • PLEASE WAIT IN THE SEATING SECTION OUTSIDE THE MANICURE/PEDICURE ROOM, or by the staircase across from my office, and NOT ANYWHERE ELSE, so I can easily find you and ensure you get all of the time you scheduled. Please don't knock on the office door, as I am aware of your appointment time.  

  • To ensure you will receive your full session, please be EARLY to your appointment, as you may wait in line to be checked in at the spa desk if it is a busy day, as well as find that you could be walking a fair distance to the spa after parking at the hotel if there is a group in-house.

  • Please schedule your session well in advance, as you may not be able to secure an appointment on a walk-in basis.

  • Talking on cell phones is only allowed inside the spa in the main spa lobby by the fireplace.



  • IF YOU ARE LATE: We most likely will NOT be able to extend your appointment time to receive the full session because another guest is normally scheduled right after you. If you scheduled a 25-minute session and you are late by more than 5-6 minutes, you will likely need to reschedule or cancel, unless you have no questions to ask me or the Tarot. (It's really best to get your whole time.) 

  • If you are scheduled for a spa service right before our session, please TELL YOUR THERAPIST THAT YOU CANNOT BE LATE FOR YOUR SESSION. This ensures you will receive all of the time you paid for with me. If you are late, I cannot normally extend your time, regardless if your therapist ran late, because most often there is another guest scheduled after your time slot.


  • WEATHER PERMITTING: If the weather involves heavy snow, freezing rain or other unsafe driving conditions, I may not be able to get to my office at the spa. Please be aware I have canceled my days upon such conditions.


  • Spa Wheelchair Access: Yes


  • Cancellation Policy: If you need to change or cancel your appointment in Norwich, you must call the Spa directly, and you are subject to their 24-hour cancellation fee and policy.


  • Return Guests:  If I have not seen you recently, please know that I may not remember your circumstances from session to session. Thank you for returning! I love you all.


General Policy:

  • Take a picture of the spread with your cell phone if you'd like. 

  • Fragrances: Please DO NOT wear fragrances to the office or we will need to reschedule. Sacred oils like frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood (the oils of the Magi), rose and others are used in the room to uplift, sanctify, bless and protect the space and its inhabitants as well as to invite in the Angels.

  • Cell phones are required to be switched OFF during sessions unless you are recording. Please turn the vibrator off, too ~ it distracts me.

  • Recording: I do not record sessions for you, but you may record them yourself. Take notes if you'd like ~ paper is provided. Video of me is not allowed. I can't say it enough; PLEASE be sure you know ahead of time how to use your device to record, rather than try and figure it out when you arrive in the room and waste precious minutes on that endeavor. When in doubt, ask one of the spa desk agents to help you find the app on your phone ahead of time, as s/he may know how it works. 

  • Posting and sharing recordings: You do NOT have permission to post the session recordings or any part of them on the internet. 

  • You and your friends should not be checking phones or texting during your service. 

Information shared is considered "pluralist," or, interfaith. That said, I use the names "God" and those of the angels, along with invocations, words, or prayers that may be said in English, Hebrew, Sanskrit or Aramaic. Since I am a pluralist, I may draw on different spiritual paths. People have sometimes remarked that the session sounds "religious," but bear in mind that true spirituality can sound like that compared to occultism.


Spiritual healing transfer: During the opening prayer and closing blessing, protection, healing, and blessings are offered to you. Shaktipat may be transmitted as well. Please foster silence during the prayers to demonstrate your receptivity to Spirit and to become an open vessel for The Light. Healing automatically continues for at least three additional days after the session in any area of your life that Spirit sees fit. 

Please read the Disclaimer.




Is Tarot for entertainment or is it used for spiritual growth?

This is not a fortune telling session. I do not have an office at the spa to entertain you or try to read your mind and throw out random psychic predictions. If you want a fortune teller to do this, then I am not the person to visit. 


Since you are coming to a spa, then, of course, you want to feel peaceful and maybe have some fun. Yes, there are plenty of times where there are laughter and enjoyment during sessions, but that also depends on the nature of the circumstances you discuss, right? 


However, I am a mystic and spiritual teacher who can use the Tarot to connect you to your own spirituality. Also, Tarot can point the way to emotional growth and help you to honestly look at challenging areas of your life that could be detouring you off the spiritual path and holding you back from spiritual, personal and professional growth. 


There is a vast difference between an awakened mystic and a psychic entertainer. As a mystic, I have nothing to prove to you. What is a Mystic? 


Although many people try the Tarot for various reasons, some are being drawn by something exceptionally bigger. Thus, many people find and return to me because deep down they are seeking the Source of their own Light and they want to connect more deeply with their own Soul ~ They want to wake up. 

This is an interactive session, meaning most often you will be talking, rather than me talking at you the entire time. I am known publicly for answering your questions and the majority of people I see seek me out for this aspect of my work.

Prepare: Come to your Tarot session prepared with a list of questions if you have them. (Tarot is actually a tool designed to answer questions). We will get to as many of your concerns, questions, and topics as we can in the time scheduled, so prioritize them.  (Read below if you have no questions.) Bring recent photos of people involved (photos are not necessary, but optional).  It's best when photos of living people are no older than 2 or 3 years. Have photos ready to show me at the start of the session. Narrow your photos down to a few people you are concerned about, please, due to time restrictions. 

No questions for Tarot? It's all good...
If you want a general session in which you have no questions, but rather want to use Tarot to see what messages may come forward, then realize that some guidance and messages might tend to be spiritual in nature, while others may be more general than specific.  If you have no questions, then when I hand you the deck to shuffle, you would ask the silent question, "What message(s) do I need to hear right now?"

I don't want Tarot ~ I just want to meet Paula and discuss spiritual topics, like an extraordinary experience I had, the path of enlightenment, challenges with my spiritual growth, problems on the path, grief, emotional transitions, or other similar things. Can I meet with Paula for this? 
YES.  Schedule the Super Soul Session if you don't want Tarot.


I'm afraid you might tell me something scary, so I don't know if I want an Intuitive or Tarot session. Since this is such a common statement, I want to address it.

   If you want to know the answer to a question about an uncomfortable situation in your life, then ask me. 

  • I do not come from an occult mindset, but rather a deeply spiritual one. I have been on the path of enlightenment since the '80s rather than the occult path. I don't promote fear and  I don't normally offer up scary things. 

  • If you are still concerned, remind me ahead of time. Truthfully, I am not the type of intuitive who can always pick up on a tragedy, and sessions are most often geared to be informative and inspirational.






Can I split the cost of a session with my friend or partner?  No, please schedule separate readings. 


Can I record my session?

Yes. You are not allowed to share any part of it over the internet. IF YOU ARE RECORDING, BE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR RECORDER BEFOREHAND.


Can my friends sit in the room with me?  Yes; but only for TAROT.  Please come alone for Super Soul.  Read more:

The office is small so there is room for ONE additional person.

Note: It is often best if you come alone. Please don't invite in more than one person. (Also, when others are in the room, fyi, I can pick up on THEM instead of you, causing distraction from your issues.) 


Friends should sit quietly please, NOT text, fidget, view their cell phones, or make remarks or noises that interfere with your reading and greatly distract me. I am not there to prove something to your friends, and when I pick up that they are there for that reason, it will lessen the power of your session and neutralize the information coming through. There are times I have been guided to correct or remove such friends from the room, and I reserve the right to do so to make your session as powerful as possible. 

  • Although you may think it would be supportive, fun, or interesting to have you and your friends participate together, perhaps consider that there are intensely private circumstances that are best discussed in private. Sometimes secret issues surface, which you may not want to disclose to your friend.

  • Deeply ask yourself why your companion needs to be there ~ especially if this session about your path. 


Separate sessions for partners: Once a partner has seen me, he/she becomes my client. Therefore, it is a conflict of interest for me to do separate relationship-oriented readings for your partner.  If there are no relationship questions, then participating in separate readings are ok.

Someone scheduled this session for me as a surprise, and I don't know if I want it.

  • Go ahead and cancel ahead of time and I won't be offended. PLEASE cancel as soon as possible, and preferably within the spa's 24-hour cancellation policy period so another guest may schedule in that time slot.  


Do you do "group" readings?  No, but you may schedule individual readings for your group members. One reason I don't do them is because 100% of the time when I have asked a client if s/he has ever had a reading, those who mention receiving a "group" reading report things like, "It wasn't a real reading," or, "It was not so impressive."  In addition, group readings can be confused with entertainment, and I am not an entertainer. 


Thus, it is more constructive and powerful when group members come to my office individually, rather than arrange for sessions to be done in a group meeting space. My office is close to most of the group meeting rooms in the hotel. 


Why don't you do individual readings in my group meeting room?  The answer is, I am more focused and sessions are much better quality when done in my private office where the energy has been built into a Temple of Light over a number of years. Plus, your session will remain private. More importantly, if/when the Holy Spirit moves through you, you might even begin to cry because Spirit is literally moving you. This movement creates an internal and spiritual process. 


Please have your group coordinator make sure each group member is ready to start on time and is waiting in the seating area in front of the mani/pedi room so your group can run on time. 


If I am staying at Foxwoods Casino or Mohegan Sun Casino, can I come to see you for a spiritual or psychic reading?  YES! Call the spa directly to arrange for your session.  


I can't wait to see you! 


Blessings and Peace,



Paula is a spiritual advisor and not a physician, licensed therapist or licensed health practitioner.

You assume full responsibility for your health and wellbeing should you follow through with making changes based on session info. 


Nothing spoken during readings is guaranteed to take place. 


All information as well as herb and supplement info is considered educational and is based on intuitive impressions. 


You should have your health care or other practitioner approve any herbs and supplements that are discussed before you ingest them. It is recommended you Google herbs or natural remedies discussed before you ingest or use them and so that you can discuss them with your doctor. Herbal and supplement information provided is not intended to treat, mitigate, cure, diagnose or change medical problems or illnesses - that said, all suggestions are educational. 


All information as well as herb and natural health info that is shared is considered educational and is based on intuitive impressions. Info shared is not to be considered a replacement for your medical care or traditional psychotherapy. You assume responsibility for your health and wellbeing if you incorporate any health, personal or professional changes based on your sessions.


Further, before you take herbs and supplements, you agree that you should have your health care or other medical practitioner approve them before you take them.