Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley of Shadows: Building Spiritual Protection in the Midst of Darkn

So you are on the spiritual path and you think you're doing fine, and then suddenly frightening things start happening. You might even be convinced you've been exposed to the darkness of evil. You go to work and do some rituals to cleanse and release the darkness you think is bothering or even trying to harm you. Perhaps you only push it away for a short while before it returns.

What can you do? The best defense is a good offense.

Every mystic builds protection; he starts it on day one of the path.

The key is: When you work to increase the light within you, then correspondingly, the darkness will reduce.

Being afraid reminds you to reach for the light and keep it close to your mind and heart. Scary energies serve to show you that you are vulnerable, that you are exposed and must keep building protection.

Your fear is a veil. It is an obstacle. Conflicts and obstacles are part of the path, especially if there is anything within you that needs purging and purifying. Everything that happens externally has a corresponding internal energy and visa versa, meaning that which presents itself in the outside world to make you legitimately afraid shows you that the internal light within you wants greater amplification. Thus, scary things remind you

to look inward at your own condition.

Although I discuss this subject in my book, Signs of Infinity: Keys to Awaken the Soul,

I want to touch on it here briefly.

Just because you have met the darkness it does not mean you have done the wrong thing. But once you know such energies exist, whether in your mind or in the outer world, it is time for you to increase your inner flame.

Perhaps you unwittingly contributed to the problem. You could be burnt out to the point of physical illness, making you vulnerable. You could be sucked into addiction, unhealthy personal escape mechanisms and plain over-the-top materialism. You could be exposed to nefarious activities, depraved people and lower level behaviors. You could have gotten lazy and put your spiritual practice on the back burner for too long. You may have naively dabbled in magic and the occult. Maybe you had no idea that you needed to protect yourself to begin with.

Meeting dark energies could mean you are actually involved in a very complex stage of spiritual growth, one in which you are called to develop faith and discernment. When a student asks me what he or she might do when darkness encroaches on life, I ask,

"What spiritual practices do you do on a daily basis?"

Next, I listen to discern if he or she is doing anything remotely spiritual to increase his or her inner flame and build protection. Some people are heavily involved in New-Agey things that do little to increase the light but do a whole lot to convince the un-awakened mind it is all-powerful. Just because it is New Age, it does not mean it is sacred and holy; it does not mean it will enlighten you and draw you toward union with The Supreme Light.

Next, I ask, "Do you believe a Supreme power or a Master has an influence in your life?"

It is always interesting to hear how a person thinks he or she can battle forces of evil alone - forces that have been in place on the planet for eons. If there is such a thing as evil, realize that you cannot fight it by yourself. If you could, then you wouldn't be having continual problems.

There is a reason why the following is written in Psalm 23:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

...And surely goodness and mercy

shall follow me all of the days of my life;

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

The mystic keys here are the following:

I can walk through my own subconscious mind and the astral dimension with no fear

because I keep the flame of God alive in my mind and heart.

I don't wish to dwell in astral dimension; instead, I want to be enlightened

and live above that sphere within the mansion of The Lord.

I am not afraid because I carry a shield of light.

A strong shield cannot be penetrated by evil.

I build my protective garment of light every day of my life.

No darkness can follow me into my subconscious mind

because The Supreme's flame within me is so bright, it dampens the darkness.

Since I have dampened the darkness, I have locked the inner doorways that can allow its entry.

I have asked for the staff of God to guide me, to lead my consciousness inward.

I now have the rod of God's protection.

How do I build my shield of light?

  1. On a daily basis glorify God, Creation and your Master, such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, etc. According to your religion call in the deities who can help you.

  2. Ask the angels for their help in protecting you.

  3. Engage your heart and mind in deeply spiritual things.

  4. Do the above three things every day of your life, and your garment of protection will be automatically built.

The problem during this tricky stage of growth is if you are caught up in delusion, you may not know whether or not you are fighting your own mind. But let's say you're not - let's say you have good reason to think you are being threatened by an external force.

Beyond building your shield (also called the mystic's garment of light), you can take measures to defend yourself. Go to and search on "Psychic Protection," and you will get over 3,100 book results. Purchase a book. There must be a good reason why so many of them exist.

Use a mantra: Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth - This mantra and invocation is highly protective:

Besides the mantra and building your shield of light, here are some very simple things to do to increase protection:

  1. Quicken your vibration with meditation, worship, mantra, prayer, and other spiritual cultivation methods, for such methods increase one's inner light.

  2. Recite the Lord's Prayer or other protective prayer specific to your religion.

  3. Get a picture of your Master and place a candle by it. Light it every day at dusk and acknowledge your Master every day.

  4. Call on Archangel Michael to do battle and invoke your own angel's protection. The key is to ask. Ask and ye shall receive.

  5. To further quicken your vibration, omit flesh and animal foods and consume fresh, unprocessed foods. You may also purify your body by fasting, drinking purifying teas like Holy Basil and by bathing daily.

  6. Diffuse essential oils and resins in your environment, like frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood which sanctify and protect the atmosphere.

  7. Use purifying incense, by first asking for help from the plant spirit associated with the plant. The smoke from white sage and cedar, for instance, is used in Native American traditions to smudge, cleanse and protect. Hindus believe that the best time of day to burn incense in your environment is between the hours of sunset and sunrise. The smoke and aroma is given as a puja offering to beneficent deities and to attract their principles which purify negative energies and release blockages. Incense is burned seven days per week to be the most effective. As the fragrant aroma and smoke permeates the air the purity principles of helpful deities are drawn to the scene, uplifting the energy, emanating a protective shield, and making it uncomfortable for negative energies. It is less about driving evil away, than it is about attracting beneficent ones in whose presence evil cannot remain or be powerful.

  8. Get a protective amulet or religious medal or crucifix. St. Michael and St. Benedict medals help to protect you, for they attract these super-beings' principles and presence. Don't just wear the medal; create an inner relationship with these beings.

  9. If you are a healer or counselor or other kind of helper, before you meet with clients and patients say a protective prayer and surround yourself with light.

  10. Avoid alcohol, substances and lower behaviors. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay out of places known to increase human suffering associated with addiction.

Again, the best defense is a pure offense. Keep building the light - keep meditating. Soon your meditation will lead you to the inner gateways where discernment of good vs. evil is determined. And you must make this determination, or you shall not pass into the higher gateways.

My book, Signs of Infinity is due out estimated February or March of 2016. It is a book for serious seekers of enlightment. Keep your eyes peeled to Amazon and my facebook page. Sign up for my newsletter and other social networking sites, found on my homepage. If you cite my blog, please post the link.

Blessings and Grace, Paula Dianne Upton

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