Aham Prema

When we feel we have been so wronged by another person, the emotion of resentment wants to cling to our bones until our dying days. But in the long run, one must shed any kind of consciousness that threatens to block inner radiance. I am not suggesting that you should not feel a genuine emotion, but only that you notice your propensity to keep regenerating any unproductive emotion and wake up to your reluctance to let it go.

Remember what are you trying to accomplish. You want to become illuminated rather than continually dampen your brightness by re-enacting your pain. It is like the Sun is trying to shine, but if you keep sticking clouds in the sky, your garden will never bloom.

One of the keys to awakening is to see that unconsciousness is the prime thing that blocks your inner radiance. Just notice what kinds of emotions want to stick around far too long after the fact. See if you can understand why you need to carry such cumbersome baggage, and then stay present and watch what happens to you when you try to let it go. Presence equals wakefulness.

Here are two simple measures to help you sweeten your heart:

1. Use a few drops of Rose or Spikenard essential oil on the skin over the heart chakra at the level of the heart in the center of the chest. Breathe in the aroma, and apply the drops with the intention to open your heart to loving feelings.

2. Chant the mantra, "Aham Prema" (I Am Divine Love). Chant it 108 times per sitting, for 40 days, or, chant it for 125,000 total repetitions to affirm Divine Love within your heart. (Click below for Deva Premal's version of this mantra.)


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