Love Is An Ever Fixed Mark

"Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken.” - Shakespeare

People commonly ask me, “What is my purpose?” It's my belief that humans have come to Earth to work on their karma and to love and help one another. Certain people come to this life with a wish to awaken the Soul, quest for their Divine Origin, and expand in heart and mind so that Self-Recognition may be attained.

The ‘love’ part sounds so simple, doesn't it? Humans are born to love – in fact, we are wired for it. On a biochemical level, we release a hormone called oxytocin that generates emotions of bonding. Lovers release it during intimacy and mothers who are nursing feel its effects intensely. Mystics describe an incalcuable level of love that is stirred in the heart during the state of awakening, creating an eternal bond to The Beloved.

As children, we love unconditionally - even those who may harm us. Despite the pain, our love remains Big. As we advance in age, however, we choose to place conditions upon loving others. We attempt to control love, to re-shape it into something small. We decide, “I can love you only if you say or do these things. If you show you are worthy, I will care for you. But if you hurt me, I will withdraw my love and perhaps I will punish you.” Even though we edit its original version, we still call this changed thing ‘love.’ We think if we close the heart, we will safeguard ourselves from being hurt. We imagine that smallness could protect us. We think we can correct another's faults by brandishing love as if it were a weapon. But ‘love is not love which alters…' and neither does it bend 'with the remover to remove.’ The essential nature of pure love - of Divine love - is Big - it cannot be changed or manipulated. Even admist your most turbulent and raging inner storm Divine love cannot be dismissed, for 'it is an ever-fixed mark' - an eternal state of being (and some mystics say it is love upon which the cosmos itself is built). Often through experiencing pain we sense love’s immense power. We learn that it is our own smallness that creates hurt. We must learn that love is more than an action - it can be a state of being. We must begin to see that love is the primary emotion that heals - it offers the path through. Love is The Way.

Paula Dianne Upton is an enlightened contemplative mystic. Her book, Signs of Infinity - Keys to Awaken the Soul will be released in 2015. Find her at

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