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Approach & Style


All information shared with you is interfaith and pluralistic. I  assist you in creating life shifts that illuminate and lighten your spirit, help change your outlook and approach to life, and inspire you to make changes that improve relationships, health, and career.


My sessions are spiritual in nature, often addressing unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, and the path of the Soul. During our time together information is provided for your highest good, whether it is for physical, spiritual, or psychological wellbeing. I help you uncover your repetitive patterns and seek to help you remove blockages. I often help you get in touch with your direct link to the Godhead and your Soul Essence.

Unless one is a fully realized Master, I am not convinced that any human being, including myself, will have every answer or solution you think you want to hear. Because there is no way to limit what God's plan is for each one of us, there is much that is purposely hidden from our understanding. I call this hidden aspect of life "The Mystery." It is from the foundation of this great Mystery that God works through Spirit. It is powerful for you to embrace Mystery as it presents itself, rather than run toward an immediate answer each time you enter the liminal state of "not knowing."


I am NOT an occult person. I am neither a fortune teller nor an entertainer. People want to label me as being a "psychic," and although there is nothing wrong with that name, I don't identify as such. Instead, I am an enlightened mystic and a spiritual teacher who has received certain gifts of the Spirit.  


Consultations are conversational, ones in which I ask you questions and engage you to talk, ask your questions, and share. I often include additional guidance based on mystical principles. It is expected you will talk and contribute to your session. It's best to be specific with your questions and concerns so I can be specific in my response. I don't try to read your mind, especially since this is not something you would want someone to do.


In-person for Tarot, I may use the mystical symbols in the cards to see in-depth the psychological, mythical, and mystical themes that are taking place in your life.


For phone sessions, it is highly productive for you to make a list of questions beforehand. For both phone and in-person sessions, I am not one to talk at you...instead, you will find your session to be more productive and accurate if we discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions.

Each session starts with a mystical prayer in which I connect with you and enter into the state of I-Consciousness, a state in which the light of The Shekinah-Holy Spirit may convey light-energy the form of healing and knowledge to us both. I open with a prayer, invoking the presence, protection, sanctification, and assistance of the Archangels, Masters, sacred guides in the upper pantheons, and your personal guides and angels. (Over the phone, I may start the session by relating the general impressions I received about you before you called.) The session closes with a blessing, a personalized benediction in which Spirit will transmit its healing, creative and restorative Force for the next three days in any way shape or form necessary, whether it be for a physical, relationship, financial or other reason.

Your truth about your life is always preferred. If you seek the Truth, you must display the truth. It's a simple spiritual law.

During sessions, please be respectful. The spiritual world sees hubris, demands, and disrespect toward an awakened person as being unwise, and thus, you will close the doors on pearls of wisdom that would otherwise have been cast toward you. This means that it benefits you to bring pure energy and an open heart to the session. Also, it benefits you to bring a mind that is free of substances so that you do not stay asleep to the light.


Since the body is the chariot-vehicle of the soul, it helps you to awaken when your health is balanced. I have NO judgments whatsoever about your appearance. Thus, if I suggest dietary changes that may naturally lead to weight loss (and I mention that connection), I may also wish to help you gain a better level of fitness and energy in order to avert a future or oncoming health problem or crisis. If you ask about health problems, herbal and natural suggestions may come forward. 


Please read the Disclaimer about receiving a reading on the Disclaimer page.